Purchasing options




$32,000 RV Certified


In-House Financing

$15,000 Down

$17,000 RV Certified 


$400/Month/4 Years 

third Party Financing

Personal Loans for Tiny Homes


Personal Loans for RV Certified Builds 


Please note all the prices listed above are pre-taxed. A 7% Sales Tax will be added to the total price. 
FOB Origin: Carrollton, GA 


We care about our customers and affordability is one of our main goals with our Cozy Rollers. Find a purchasing plan that best fits your needs! Whether you’re an avid adventurer looking for the a permanent home to follow you on your journey or a seasonal traveler needing a break from the hustle and bustle  of everyday life, our Cozy Rollers are perfect for you! 

Purchases Outright

Our Cozy Rollers come at the affordable price of just $30,000 or $32,000 if you chose to get yours RV Certified through Pacific West Association.

In House Financing

We offer in house financing under the following terms: 

$15,000 Down AND $400/Month/4 Years 

If you chose to get your Cozy Roller RV Certified, the down payment will increase to $17,000.  

Third Party Financing

Personal Loans for Tiny Homes can be obtained through a standard bank or credit union. We have listed a few online lenders that cater specifically to Tiny Home buyers for your convenience: 
Lightstream (a division of SunTrust Bank) 
Rock Solid Funding 

Personal Loans for RV Certified Builds are very similar to personal loans for Tiny Houses except a lot easier to obtain because financing is more straightforward. This is because once your Cozy Roller is RV Certified, lenders consider them similar to Traditional RVs.  


After purchasing your Cozy Roller you have the option to either pick it up in Carrollton, GA or get it delivered to you through a third-party. For customer convenience, we have provided links to a few companies that specialize in the shipment of Tiny Houses. Please note that we are not related or responsible in any way for the service their services and you are not restricted to using one of the companies we provide. Once our Cozy Roller leaves our facility, we are no longer liable for anything in regards to your Cozy Roller and all issues and concerns must be addressed with the company of your choosing. 

Below are a few companies that specialize in the transportation of Tiny Houses. You are not limited to only using the following companies; they are just provided for your convenience. 

Tiny Home Transport


A-1 Auto Transport

Coast to Coast Transportation