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California to Georgia – Home Sweet Home

Last week, we spent our time driving back from California to park our Cozy Roller on some property we have in Carrollton, GA. It took us roughly four days and as always, we were very happy with the way our home pulled as we were going down the road averaging 65 MPH.

We left our fifth and final festival in Fresno, CA, the Fresno Home and Garden Show, on Monday and started our long trek home. We said goodbye to the old and new friends and neighbors we met at the show. We had such a great time showing off our home over the weekend as it was one of the biggest shows we’ve attended.  The festival focused on home and garden goods while also containing a tiny home village. The vendors ranged from patio furniture to hot tubs and everything in between. I even got suckered into buying a new straightener from one of the vendors!

Zach Giffin from Tiny House Nation was a speaker at the show, so it was nice seeing him again. He came over once he arrived to the show and said hello and remembered us from the Colorado Tiny House Festival. Once the show was over, he came back and checked out our Cozy Roller again. He remembered our clever bathroom design and did a small video of our Cozy on his cellphone. We’re not sure where that’ll end up, but if anyone sees us let us know! It was nice getting to know him more as we hung out inside our Cozy Roller and debriefed from the busy weekend.

The drive home wasn’t that bad but it was long, as expected to be. Jennifer and Aspen follow Rhett and the Cozy to make sure everything looks good as we are going down the road and to be a buffer between other cars. We recently bought a pair of walkie talkies to better our communication while we are on the road, which proved to be a great purchase especially at night. Truck stops like Piolet and Loves became our best friends and we stopped to fill up and rest our heads at each night. It is great that they allow overnight stays for RVs, typically have a food selection, showers if you need and they are easy to get in and out.

Once we got into Arkansas, we got a flat tire on the trailer of our house. We pulled off the exit and into a liquor store that was the closest with a large parking lot. Thankfully we had a spare tire with us but needed the tools to change it. We called around to different towing and repair companies and prepared to wait a few hours before they could get to us. Jennifer walked into Blackwell Liquor Store to inform them that our home was parked out there but help was on the way and asked if we could charge up our walkie talkies while we waited. They politely charged them for us and suggested that their forklift could lift the house while we changed the tire. Another member called up a friend and then stated that he had a towing company and said help would be there in five minutes. Just like that, Broadway Towing and Recovery had us on our way home!

We’ve finally made it back and have parked our Cozy Roller in Carrollton, GA. It has felt good to be grounded and back with our families and we are looking forward to being home for a while. For those of you who haven’t heard, we also sold our first home a few months ago so we will be able to watch the completion and progression of our second build.

Overall, we have had such a fantastic four months on the road and are looking forward to continue living life in our 120 sq. ft. humble abode. Since our travels have come to an end, for now, we have decided to stop our weekly blogs and reflect more about our trip, tiny life, and information about our Cozy Roller through video blogs on our YouTube Channel. We invite you to subscribe to our channel here so you can continue to keep up with our adventures! For more frequent updates, we also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We will still continue to blog periodically, just not every week.


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