San Luis Obispo Tiny Footprint Expo

Festival Time!

The San Luis Obispo Tiny Footprint Expo was our second festival in California and our fourth festival in general. By this time, we are feeling like pros. We have our gig down for showing off our Cozy Roller, used to the move in and move out, spoken on plenty of panels, and we even know more people than not when we arrive at the fairgrounds!

We moved in on a Thursday since this was a three-day festival and prepared our house to tour on Friday afternoon. Since we had our Richmond festival the weekend before and had such a crazy week following (read all about it in our blog here), we were pretty exhausted but still ready and excited to promote our home once again. Our neighbor was our good friend Lindsey, from @ExperienceTinyHomes on Instagram, who was also at both our Richmond, CA and Denver, CO festivals. It was so nice to see her again because we have gotten pretty close to her at the past few festivals. It is always so cool to me to see Tiny Home Dwellers traveling to different shows just for the sake of the movement, to show off their home, and help others achieve their Tiny Dreams. They also help us achieve our dreams of having electricity when we are dry camping at festivals by sharing their solar with us! It always amazes me what a simple extension cord can do.

Over the three-day festival, we got to meet a lot of cool people and show them our home. The lines were nonstop the entire weekend and as usual, our bathroom was a big hit and surprise to everyone. Some people recognized us from the Richmond event too so that was really cool to see our company become more known and remembered from past events. Rhett got to speak on another panel about, “Living in Our Tiny Full Time,” which was very successful and fun. Aspen always gets plenty of attention during festivals too when she is tied up to the back of the house. Her gig is to lay there and look pretty, which always seems to work since she always has someone loving on her when I peek over.

The after-hours gatherings was the funnest part like all festivals. It is always so nice to debrief with similar people and talk about things that went well that day, bad, and funny stories about different visitors. There was an organized pot luck dinner Friday night that allowed us to all mingle together and then we typically hung out in Lindsey’s tiny home the other nights since it was the biggest. It was so fun to me to hang out in a tiny house with 10 people with different backgrounds and experiences but so much in common too. Another cool person I got to meet was a distant cousin of mine (Jennifer) and his family! What a small world. I contacted my cousin originally because I knew he lived in San Luis Obispo and he informed me that he was already going to be attending the festival because his son had his own tiny house company and would be a vendor there! It was nice to be able to meet and see these relatives again and show each other our homes.

Overall, we had a lot of fun at the San Luis Obispo Tiny Footprint Expo. The ladies running the show did a great job as it was their first event. The venue was in a beautiful field at the historic Madonna Inn,  and it was a great turnout for both vendors/builders/dwellers and festival attendees. Since SLO is more progressive with Tiny House Laws and has legalized tiny homes in the City, this was a nice festival since everyone was super interested in owning a tiny home knowing they could legally park it somewhere. There were also a lot of people from different organizations trying to get more information about tiny homes to push for SLO County to become more friendly towards tiny homes. We are excited to attend our last festival in Fresno, CA next weekend. Fresno has also legalized tiny homes so I am curious to see if interest will be higher knowing that there are places to legally park the homes.


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