Tiny Living Festival – California

Our third ever tiny house festival!

This past weekend, we attended our third ever Tiny House Festival, the Tiny Living Festival – California. California is keeping us busy to say the least as this was the first of three festivals in our month long stay here.

The festival was put on by John and Fin, a couple that loves the movement as much as we do that they were willing to travel all the way over from Georgia too! It was so refreshing to have some southern slang and hospitality again and get a break from being told we have an accent. It was in Richmond across from the Richmond Art Center and had one of the biggest crowds we’ve seen. Since this was our third festival, we had an idea of what it was going to be like. We prepared ourselves to speak to hundreds of people each day and answer questions about our house on repeat. While it can get tiring explaining the same thing over and over again, we never get tired of hearing positive feedback from visitors about our home. Everyone is always so surprised with our bathroom and pull out counter in the kitchen.

We had lines of people waiting to see the inside of our house. Jennifer stood on the outside repeating a small blurb about our house while Rhett took groups of five inside to tour. We got so busy on Saturday that Jennifer ended up standing in the back of the line to stop people from waiting so we could go get a quick lunch! We also had to close our house on Sunday because we were both featured on a panel of Tiny Dwellers doing a Q&A about living in different small spaces. We even got our first newspaper appearance in a short article written about us and the festival in the San Francisco Paper!

One of our favorite parts about festivals is getting to meet other tiny dwellers and seeing their unique designs. Since we’re not so new to the festival world anymore, we recognized a few familiar faces and reconnected with people from previous festivals. Being able to meet people at all these events and get together at following festivals to come is something so cool to us that really makes us feel a part of the tiny house community. We saw all sorts of cool houses: a clay, gingerbread style tiny, a greenhouse tiny, container homes, skoolies, vans, and even box truck conversions! We love being a part of this tiny dwelling community for the durations of the festivals and mingling with everyone after hours. John organized a potluck dinner Saturday night and a few brave souls went up on stage to perform for our entertainment afterwards.

Our neighbors were one of the sweetest families we’ve met on the road. Sibel, a 16-year-old homeschooler, saw an episode of Tiny House Nation and immediately fell in love with the movement and decided to build one on her own with the help of her dad. Her home, @tiny_turquoise on Instagram, was so beautifully done and decorated with art that she made by hand. While she was showing off her house, she was also able to sell some of her art. It was really cool to meet Sibel and her family, hear her story, and be a part of her journey as this was the first time Tiny Turquoise got to leave the driveway! Sibel’s dream is to own her own tiny house company one day and design peoples’ dream home and I have no doubt that she can accomplish that! Another awesome neighbor of ours was @tinyhouseexperience on Instagram. We actually met Lindsey at our first festival, Colorado Tiny House Festival, so it was great to be able to see each other again. She was also kind enough to share her solar with us and Sibel’s house! How cool is that?

Overall, we had an amazing time at the Tiny Living Festival this past weekend. It is always so refreshing to be around people living similar lives as ourselves. We look forward to our Tiny Footprint Expo this weekend in San Luis Obispo and can’t wait to share our experiences with everyone in next week’s blog!


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