Our Favorite Hikes in Oregon

As we wrap up our last week living in Oregon, we decided to write this week’s blog about our favorite hikes and destinations that we’ve been on during our stay in Crater Lake.

Oregon is by far one of the prettiest states we’ve been to on our journey and we would probably even say it is at the top of the list. No matter what direction you look, you can guarantee breath taking scenery whether you are on the coast, in the mountains, or even in the desert! Although we haven’t explored Oregon’s deserts ourselves yet, we did get to check out the coast and mountains for a few weeks. We talked about our time on the coast in a picturesque beach town, Depoe Bay, in our blog Favorite Places We’ve Visited in Our Three Months of Living Tiny. This blog will mainly focus on our favorite hikes that we have been on and are near Crater Lake National Park.

Located Near Diamond Lake: Diamond Lake is an area, and beautiful lake, just north of Crater Lake National Park. This area is about an hour drive from Prospect, where our RV park is, so I figured I’d talk about all our favorite parts worth seeing while you are in the area.

Clearwater Falls

This mossy waterfall is can be found on a quick and easy, 0.5 mile, out and back hike. There are picnic tables right before the falls that make for a perfect lunch spot too.

Whitehorse Falls

Another quick and easy hike, if any at all. This waterfall can be seen right from the parking area! There is also a lookout deck that you can walk on to get the perfect view of the falls.

Toketee Falls

One of the biggest waterfalls we’ve seen during our stay was Toketee Falls. A 0.8 mile out and back hike through Oregon’s beautiful forest. There are a few flights of steps you have to climb towards the end of the hike that lead you to an observation deck where you can see the falls.

Umpqua Hot Springs

While we were initially on the hunt for waterfalls near Diamond Lake, we ended up stumbling across a road sign giving the directions to Umpqua Hot Springs. We didn’t know anything about it but we figured we’d check it out in hopes to finally find our true hot spring (since Radium Hot Springs, from our blog Kremmling’s Hidden Gems, wasn’t as hot as we expected).

Umpqua hot springs did not disappoint. After a short hike of about a half a mile you can enjoy one of the five different natural hot springs overlooking a river. There are a few larger hot springs at the top which were more communal and a few smaller private ones closer to the river. You can choose any hot spring of your liking; one of them even has a pavilion built above it. Another thing we had never experienced was clothing being optional at this spring! While we packed our suits, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a number of people without theirs!

Located Near Crater Lake:

Cleetwood Cove

Cleetwood Cove is the located inside of Crater Lake National Forest and is the only legal place where you can access the lake in the park. Although the hike is only a 2.1 mile out and back hike, the mile back consists of only switchbacks and is pretty steep. The hike is well worth the beautiful, blue water that you can enjoy a cool, refreshing swim in. You can even cliff jump off a rock if you wanted a little more thrill!

Located Near Medford: About an hour from Medford, you can find three beautiful water attractions in the town of Prospect. Since our RV park is located here, we have become very familiar with the small town and the local attractions. We have not been disappointed as there are beautiful rivers, tree lines, and lakes everywhere we look. The three attractions I am about to talk about happen to all start at the same trailhead and are well worth seeing for their short and easy hikes if you are ever in the area.

Mills Creek Falls

Once you are at the Mills Creek Falls trailhead, you follow the trail until you reach a sign at the fork. You will take a right towards the falls until you reach Mills Creek Falls about a half mile down the trail. You can see the fall at a small observation point where there are few trees to block the view.

Barr Creek Falls

Just a short distance past Mills Creek Falls, you will hike up a small hill to a mountain of boulders where you can see Barr Creek Falls. Find a rock to sit on and enjoy the breathtaking view of the falls and tree lines for a bit. If you look just past Barr Creek, you can also enjoy Mills Creek because they are that close!

Avenue of the Boulders

If you walk back towards the trailhead after hiking all the falls, you will stumble upon the same fork that took you to the falls. Instead of taking a right, you will head left about a half a mile and end up at The Avenue of the Boulders. A fun place to play on some large rocks and watch the water pour over them; this is definitely a must see if ever in Prospect.

Overall, we have really enjoyed our time in Oregon and all of the beautiful things we have been able to see. We are excited to be heading to the Bay Area for our third tiny house festival and see what California has in store!


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