Favorite Places We’ve Visited In Our 3 Months Of Living Tiny

Our Favorite Places That our Cozy Roller has Brought us to

We have gotten to travel to some amazing places during our three months of living tiny. Today, I am going to share our personal favorite places we have seen while towing our house from the Southeast to the Northwest.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days near the end of our stay in Kremmling, CO. Given that we had already lived in Colorado for a month and half, we had already seen all types of beautiful mountains and did not know if the park would be anything different. Shortly after arriving into the park, we realized we had NOT seen everything. Rocky Mountain National Park completely raised the bar when it comes to breathtaking beauty. During our stay there, we got to hike around beautiful snow-covered mountain peaks and aqua colored lakes – all picture perfect for a landscape desktop screen.  Although this was the first place we visited, I think it is hands down the most beautiful!

Trail Ridge Road is the beautiful, 48-mile road that connects Grand Lake to Estes Park (the two towns that RMNP is a part of). Kremmling is on the Grand Lake side so we were able to see the entire park and some of its wildlife on the way to Estes, which is where most of the “must-sees” like Bear Lake are. Not to mention, our campsite was also on this side of the park. We stayed one night in Moraine Park Campground, right in the middle of Estes Park which also had its own shuttle bus stop. When traveling around RMNP, it is best to take the provided shuttles to each trailhead because the parking lots have very limited space.

Although Aspen did get to enjoy the car ride through Trail Ridge Road, pets are not allowed on any trails due to respect for the wildlife. You are allowed to campout with your pet, but since we wanted to do so many hikes during the day, we boarded her with a pet sitter we found through Rover. If you are ever traveling with your pets and decide to stop by the park, I would recommend looking up Jason on Rover because he is 10 minutes away from the park and provided excellent care for Aspen while we were away.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Once we left Colorado we set off for our next destination, which was Oregon. It just so happened that Yellowstone was on the way, so we made a little detour and I’m glad we did! In RMNP we pretty much hiked everywhere we wanted to see through a series of connected trails. Yellowstone however, was a little different. Many of the main destination spots you could drive right up to! This was nice because we only had one day to explore the massive park. We got to see a lot of different hot springs and natural geysers including Grand Prismatic Springs and Old Faithful! The different colors that the hot springs took on were unforgettable! We also got to see some pretty amazing waterfalls at Artist Point.

Just like any National Park, you are always on the hunt to see some wildlife and Yellowstone did not disappoint. We saw multiple herds of buffalos and a mama and baby bear! Due to the large amount of wildlife in the park, pets are also not allowed on trails like RMNP. Thankfully, our Cozy Roller was hooked up at a nice campsite right outside of the park for Aspen.

3. Depoe Bay, Oregon

After we left TinyFest NorthWest, our next stop was to Depoe Bay, OR where we would call home for two weeks. Depoe Bay is a hotspot mating area for whales which also means that it is the perfect place to whale watch. On any given day, you could look out in the ocean and see whales coming up for a breath and water spouting up! Luckily for us, Sea and Sand RV Park is right on the water so we literally had the ocean in our backyard. Aspen loved getting to take regular walks on the beach! The area is also surrounded by cute ocean side shops and affordable outlet malls which was also nice.

4. Crater Lake National Park

Our final favorite place that we have been to so far, is Crater Lake National Park which we are currently staying right outside of! Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States which is probably why its color is so very blue. We have loved getting to hang out next to this amazing body of water and Jennifer even got to go for a swim in it! You can find multiple summit hikes to get beautiful panoramic views of the Lake but you can also enjoy the views from the lodge or any other pull offs in the park.

The surrounding areas of the park are covered by lush forest with some of the biggest trees we have ever seen. Crater Lake RV Park does a great job at making you feel like you are camping in the mountains as it is surrounded by walking trails and trees (which also adds to the amount of privacy you have at your site). We love taking family walks through the woods to find nearby streams and rivers to hang out at.

Our next stop is California where we will go to three different tiny house festivals. After that we will be road tripping all the way to Florida.  We cannot wait to see what cool new places we will add to our list on our West Coast to East Coast trek!


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