Towing Our Cozy Roller

What it's Like on the Road

A huge advantage of having a tiny home is being able to pick up and move your house from one place to another easily. There is a lot of freedom in being able to pick up and go at any given time. Of course, to do this you will need a vehicle with a towing weight capacity that is larger than the weight of your tiny home.

Our Cozy Roller is right around 5,000 lbs. so it is actually very light for a tiny home – The average half-ton truck’s (think F-150, Silverado 1500) towing capacity is anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000. Thankfully, this is more than enough to safely tow our tiny house. We were actually able to tow our home from Georgia to Oklahoma with a 2004 Range Rover! These have a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds which allowed even this small SUV to tow our home smoothly. However, since we are on the road so much traveling across the U.S. , we are currently using a 3/4 ton Dodge Ram 2500. This truck has a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds which gives us much more engine power than we need. This also helps out a lot when traveling up mountains.  

Our homes lightweight frame combined with the aerodynamic shaped roof also makes for a fairly easy towing experience. We were able to travel at an average speed of 70 MPH on our trek from Georgia to Colorado with little to no problems. When we first started discussing what we wanted with our tiny home, our two main goals were to make it both very affordable and mobile, and now that we are living our fourth month on the road, I can honestly say we achieved our goal of mobility! 

Since our custom trailer has a 4 ft. high railing, we were able to bolt the walls of our Cozy Roller directly into the trailer itself. This gives us confidence that our home is not going to shake when we are driving down the highway. Another great thing about our custom trailer is that it is still just as standard 16 ft. trailer, which comes in handy when parking both in RV Parks and parking lots because we don’t take up that much space!

Since we have two cars, Jennifer and Aspen get to follow behind Rhett and the Cozy. While it would be nice to be able to ride together, we prefer caravanning so we can always keep an eye on our house and it creates a barrier against crazy drivers on the road! It is also comforting to us (and our parents) to know that we have a spare car in case something does go wrong. Not to mention it simply comes in handy when we are stopped for the night on the road and just need to run to the store, etc. because we don’t have to worry about unhitching or bringing our whole home with us.  

Overall, we are very pleased with the way our traveling has been so far with our Cozy Rollers. The cedar paneling that we have on the outside of our homes are beautiful and weigh almost nothing. It is so fun watching heads turn with interest as we drive down the road and talking to new people about our journey at gas stations and rest areas and most of all, we love the flexibility to explore the country in the comfort of our own home!  


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